Welcome to a wiki by Vanessa Jackson about midwifery, childbirth education, photography and my other interests. This is a way I can share what I have found useful.

I no longer want to self-host and hand code my own websites…even though I can. It just takes too much time and I feel guilty if the site has not been maintained or updated. I have decided to use varied online hosting options for my web presence.

I also want to have my ePortfolio available.


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  • A resource for midwives and childbirth educators and anyone else who is interested. I don't think the wheel should need to be reinvented when we can all share our knowledge and resources.
  • A collection of the answers to questions I frequently get asked.
  • What is a Wiki Site? I came across an analogy of a pot-luck meal where everyone contributes and shares in the bounty.

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