Essential Tools


I have tinkered with a few browsers over the years. I quickly caught on to Firefox but I was looking for alternatives when it became sluggish. Now I am happy with this super combo.

Mobile Solutions

These solutions are accessible at home, from the internet and from my smartphone.

  • Android - Samsung Galaxy S
  • Catch (http:/// - I use Catch for text notes instead of Simplenote. I liked the Simplenotes apps for Android but they weren't searchable from the Google search widget.
  • Dropbox ( - this link includes a referral because when people join with this link I get more space for free. So easy to use and no excuses for losing an older version of a document.
  • Evernote ( - my memory dump of EVERYTHING and in Evernote everything is searchable. I pay for the premium version.
  • Google - email ( , calendar (, docs (, reader (
  • LastPass ( - I was looking for a replacement for RoboForm because of the separate licenses for PC and USB and a lame Blackberry version. Paying to have LastPass on my Blackberry was a smart choice.
  • Meebo ( - I keep telling my kids not to install MSN Messenger or other IM software and they think it's lame that their mother knows about this stuff.
  • Springpad ( - I like Springpad but it can't replace Evernote because it doesn't have the incredible search capabilities for finding text in documents. However, I haven't been able to completely give up on Springpad and I think I will use it as a record of books and movies I enjoy and a home inventory.
  • SugarSync ( - this is a referral link which will boost my space as well. I love Dropbox but it did not work as well as SugarSync for the different roles and people I share files with.
  • Toodledo ( - I am happier with Toodledo since I found a couple of nice User Styles to beautify the interface.

Photos and Graphics

PC Software

Websites and Services

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